Dream the dream with a new mattress

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Get a good night’s sleep with a new mattress

Even the best mattresses wear out over time, and the effects of a bad mattress are not to be underestimated. Save yourself the sleepless nights, backaches and bad moods with a brand new mattress. Come in and try them in store; we’ll help you find a mattress that is both comfortable for you and suitable for your sleeping style.

Next day delivery available

Many of our products are available for you the next day, and we’ll bring it in and install it with a new bed frame or your existing one. We can then take away your old mattress and dispose of it free of charge, so no one else gets a bad back either!
A woman stretching out and relaxing on her new mattress
A new mattress

Moulding to your shape

For the most comfortable sleep of all, memory foam mattresses are a dream come true. These mattresses learn how your body is shaped, which means that they can give you tailor-made support. We have many different sizes of memory foam mattresses, as well as memory foam pillows to also support your head and neck.

For the largest local flooring and bed collection, visit our showroom today!

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